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There is an example of leadership here which should make us be willing now and again to take risks. In this scenario the risk worked and the risk was worth any criticism which might have been forthcoming from certain section of the community. Most leaders who take risks run the risk of being criticised!

Following a lengthy teaching session on these slopes at the north west corner of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus Christ comes down, and is approached by a man full of leprosy.

Leprosy in the Bible is frequently regarded as a sign of sin, and not many see themselves as covered in sin. It is a most interesting concept and it is a matter which many leaders are unaware of in these present days, but it harms businesses and relationships and friendships.

This man would experience isolation and ostracism, as well as pain and a lack of physical feelings.

Sin separates us from God and from one another.

Leprosy is not easy to diagnose at first, and that too is similar to sin which works away silently and destructively.

Leprosy can paralyse feelings and remove any sensitivity. So does sin. There is behaviour in certain areas of business life which, if discovered and found out, many would be embarrassed and ashamed. But, is this not happening as the actions of various business leaders are exposed and brought out into the open.

He is desperate, and comes asking Jesus for help. Jesus loves when desperate people come to him.

He fell at Jesus' feet. How undignified! There are situations in which we find ourselves when we might have to be willing to appear undignified. Going through a court battle because of specific sin with all the media attention holds very little dignity as integrity hit a new low.

"If you are willing, you can make me clean" was his sincere pleading request. This man believed that Jesus could deal with his problem.

Jesus reached out his hand and touched what was not supposed to be touched. He could not overlook such an impassioned plea.

When necessary, Jesus would sweep aside religiousy regulations which might hinder any real help being given.

He asked to be cleansed. 'Healed' is not used.

Jesus cleansed him of this appalling disease.

What a thrill must have gone through that man's heart when he saw his predicament had been dealt with.

We read that following this miracle Jesus withdrew to pray. He did not want to become simply a 'healer'.

He could have healed bodies on a superficial level, but he had come to rescue people from their sins.

Similarly, the early Church refused to become a humanitarian agency, as her prime purpose.

Wise leadership made prayer and the Word of God their priority. The leadership were prepared to make such a decision because they were aware of the consequences if this crucial decision were to be sidestepped or compromised. This applies in virtually every walk of life, and wise leaders will learn these simple but profound lessons, before it is too late.


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