Friday, February 1, 2013

Kevin Spacey on ?diabolical? new role as devious congressman

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Washington got a taste of Hollywood at the premiere of the new Netflix political drama series "House of Cards," starring Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays the role of conniving Majority Whip Francis Underwood, who uses the leverages of Washington to take revenge and get his way after the new president-elect passes him over for Secretary of State.

Spacey says that although his character may be described as "diabolical," he is also effective.

"I look at a figure like Lyndon Johnson who I think while he like was one of these people that I am talking about, you know, the way he negotiated was incredibly tough," Spacey says. "People talk about what a difficult person he was but he also was remarkably effective. He got three civil rights bills passed in a very brief presidency."

Spacey says the series comes at an "extraordinary time" when audiences are examining the world of politics and discovering that even some of the nation's most revered political figures have made a backdoor deal or two, referring to the recent film "Lincoln."

"Even a politician who is probably deemed by most people in this country as the most saintly president in terms of how we look at his presidency and the kind of person he was and to realize at, at the end of the day he was making as many backdoor deals, and trying to get the votes," Spacey says of President Lincoln.

For more red carpet access and to find out what Spacey thinks of the many political characters he has played over the course of his career, check out this week's Top Line.


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