Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thai Baht Falls as Finance Minister Concerned About Strong ...

Thai baht banknotesThai baht fell today as?nation?s Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong expressed concerns that the?strong currency hurts Thailand?s economy and?voiced his opinion that the?central bank should ease the?monetary policy.

The?Finance Minister stated that ?the?range of?32 to?34? bahts per dollar ?would be very good?.

Kittiratt also said:

Thailand is similar to?other countries suffering from cost-push inflation because of?higher energy costs that come out of?the?tension in?the?Middle East. If the?central bank would agree to?let the?interest rate down a?little bit further, that would be good.

Thai companies are struggling to?resume production after the?worst flood in?almost 70 years. That has led to?the?more-than-expected drop of?exports in?January.

USD/THB rose from 30.7750 to?30.7850 as?of?12:12 GMT today, while the?intraday high was 30.8450.

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