Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: Mexican authorities up security for spring break

>> thanks. it's spring break time when college students take off for r & r in the sun. there is so much drug violence in mexico , but it remains a major destination, with so many headed to the beach in cancun . authorities there are going all out to keep them safe.

>> some 43,000 people, many of them spring breaking college students, will hit the beaches of cancun over the next week. and when they do, an unusual sight. marines walking the beach and extra tourist police all over the town. with increased violence in terrorist areas like acapulco, where six spanish tourists were raped last month, cancun wants to maintain its reputation as safe.

>> it's about how you travel to places, and the places that people go to in mexico , like cancun , are some of the safest places in the country.

>> reporter: the cancun convention and visitors bureau say none of its visitors were victims of violent crime . but they say we always amplify our response during peak times. it's an all-out effort to keep the area safe.

>> translator: spring breakers will be totally protected now that we have implemented various initiatives for their safety.

>> reporter: other popular mexico destinations have had reports of increasing violence in spots like acapulco, visitors are advised not to venture outside the tourist zone.

>> there has been a huge increase of drug-related deaths in mexico . there is no escaping that. most of that is in place where is tourists don't go to.

>> tourist destinations can be hotspots for petty crime , like cell phone and camera theft. and generally, spring breakers are more likely to be hurt after overindulging than being a crime victim . but travelers should always keep their guard up. for today, janet shamlian , nbc news, houston.


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