Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Searching for the Seventies: The DOCUMERICA Photography Project," a new exhibit, opens March 8 in Washington, DC.

Searching for the Seventies: The DOCUMERICA Photography Project

An exhibition at the National Archives, Washington, DC
March 8, 2013, through September 8, 2013

photo Take a new look at the 1970s through the lens of a Federal photography project called Project DOCUMERICA. Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1971, DOCUMERICA was born out of the decade's environmental awakening and produced striking photographs of many of that era?s environmental problems and achievements. DOCUMERICA photographers hired by the EPA took thousands of color photographs depicting pollution, waste, and blight, but they were given the freedom to also capture the era?s trends, fashions, and cultural shifts. The result is an amazing archive and a fascinating portrait of America from 1972 to 1977.

Purchase the Searching for the Seventies catalog

photoPurchase the Searching for the Seventies exhibition catalog and browse our selection of groovy ?70s products, including DOCUMERICA prints and postcards, in the myArchives Store on the Main Level of the National Archives Building. Proceeds support the National Archives Experience and educational programming at the National Archives.

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Visiting the Lawrence F. O?Brien Gallery

?Searching for the Seventies: The DOCUMERICA Photography Project? was created by the exhibits staff of the National Archives Experience. It is based on National Archives holdings, and the National Archives is solely responsible for the exhibit?s content and design. ?Searching for the Seventies? was made possible, in part, by support from the Foundation for the National Archives.


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