Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Tablets Are Transforming Business Intelligence

ipad_kb_side_bigStaying on top of your game and understanding the competitive landscape is essential to winning in the modern business world. A huge component to staying ahead of the curve is keeping a close eye on competitors in your market, which entails maintaining a watchful eye on industry news. Some companies turn to expensive news monitoring services to keep track of their respective industry, but in reality there are more viable options. Emerging tablet news and information services like Flipboard, Pulse and others are proving an incredible companion to business and consulting executives in staying current with industry changes occurring around them. Jeff Cavins, CEO of Fuzebox, recently?wrote in Business Insider?that?the explosive uptake of tablet computers is fueling the growth of what he called the new ?iPad economy.? Cavins said: ?The iPad is shifting the way businesses function, changing how executives interact and transforming the economics of today?s business operations.?

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