Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Online job vacancies rise 6.5 pct, reverse March... |

Things are looking better on the jobs front with online job vacancies rising more than 6 per cent in April, reversing a fall in March.

The latest seasonally adjusted results released today by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment show all online job vacancies increased by 6.5 per cent last month while skilled vacancies lifted 5.4 per cent. That followed a 1.2 per cent decrease in all online jobs vacancies in March.

MBIE said it focuses on the trend rather than month-to-month variances, and the trend has shown online vacancies to have been flat over the last year.

However, job vacancies are a lead indicator of employment growth, and this increase is consistent with Statistics NZ's recent Household Labour Force Survey which showed the strongest quarterly growth in actual hours worked since 1994, it said.

MBIE expects to get a clearer idea of whether the trend is changing over the coming months.

The April increase was shared across most industry groups when it came to skilled vacancies.Overall, the sales,?
retail, marketing and advertising industry had one of the largest monthly rises of 14 per cent, followed by hospitality and tourism, which was up 11.8 per cent, the ministry said.

The only fall was in the construction and engineering industry, which was down 4.3 per cent.

On a yearly basis, information technology was up 59.9 per cent, while sales, retail and marketing lifted 12 per cent, and construction and engineering grew 6.9 per cent.

Auckland led the increase in online job vacancies during April with a rise of 8.2 per cent, followed by Canterbury, up 6.6 per cent, and Wellington, up 3.9 per cent.

The North Island, excluding Auckland and Wellington, had an increase of 6.1 per cent and there was a more modest increase of 4.5 per cent across the South Island, excluding Canterbury.

Vacancies in Canterbury have risen 16.9 per cent during the year to April.

MBIE releases percentage increases only rather than the actual figures due to an agreement with the data providers who don't want to give away commercially sensitive information.

- ? Fairfax NZ News


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