Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Windows 8 Computers Are Getting Eye-Tracking Hardware From ...

Tobii is a company that really amazed us at CES last year. Tobii was showing off its eye-tracking technology and applications that could support it. I used Tobii?s technology to look at pictures on a computer and destroy asteroids in a video game simply by looking at the screen. It was really an amazing experience. At this year?s CES, Tobii will return with a new product called REX. REX is a consumer-friendly eye-tracking sensor bar that is compatible with any PC that runs Windows 8.

REX will work in conjunction with special software called Tobii Gaze. Tobii Gaze will allow REX to?precisely?determine where your eyes are looking on your computer screen. REX isn?t meant to completely replace the mouse or trackpad on a Windows 8 PC, but it will compliment the overall browsing experience.

At the beginning of 2012, Tobii uploaded a video that certainly appears to be a form of REX and Gaze in action. The video demonstrates how Tobii Gaze can highlight the different tiles on the Windows 8 Start menu once you look at them. Tapping the touchpad on a laptop is used to select the tile. On a Windows 8 touchscreen laptop, Tobii?s technology shows a bubble on the screen that indicates where you?re looking. Tobii demonstrated how this can make tapping on small links easier and more?convenient.

Tobii REX should be made available to purchase this year. At this time, no solid price has been announced.

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