Friday, February 10, 2012

Need Awesome Roleplay Partner (Romance)

Hey people reading this!

I'm reall bored and I realy want to make a forum! I promise you I will post at least twice a week. I'm working on only one roleplay so I will have the time to post. I usually write long posts but sometimes if i'm stuck, I don't write much but that doesn't happen very often. I don't have a limit on how much you want to write. I understand if you are used to writing long or short posts and I won't hold a grudge.

Before you decide, I should tell you that I ALWAYS write romance and/or fiction. I'm a romance freak.

I can play either a girl or a boy. I don't mind but I really prefer playing a girl. I can play two characters too.

I have lots of really cool ideas and if you decided you want to roleplay with awesome old me, here's two of my ideas: (cliche I know, tehehe)

Idea One (realistic high school):
There is a really rich girl who is the school's queen bee. (Nice girl). She has a past that no one knows about. Her rival is a guy who is so bad ass and in like 'king bee' (lol) he hates her for some reason until they both start to fall for each other when they realize that both of them have a past, a dangerous one and a heart breaking sad one.

Idea Two (Werewolf mates):
Two werewolves meet for the first time and realize that they are mates. The girl doesn't know about the werewolf world and thinks that she is the only one of her kind. Problem is that they are both so alike. Loud, egoistic, pranksters and all those type. Also, they are both from different packs and are from different alpha families, (dude is an alpha and girl is sister to the coming alpha)

Okay so, I don't mind what type of genre it is (unless it's anime or sci-fi then NONONONONO!) just so long as it has romance in them.
If you are interested, please pm me, DON'T comment below.

iHasta lavista, hasta luego, hasta la victoria siempre, adios! Bye bye!


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